Dance Library



Table of Contents

  1. Advanced Dances to Country Music
  2. Alternative Music for Dances
  3. Beginner Dances
  4. Beginner Floor Splits To Int/Adv Dances (compiled by Sue Hall)
  5. Beginner Dances To Numorous Int/Adv Dances (compiled by Sue Hall)
  6. Christian Music for Dances
  7. Contra Dances
  8. Dances for Young People
  9. Dances Seniors Like
  10. Easy Party Dances
  11. Exhibition Dances
  12. Fifties and Sixties Theme Dances
  13. Floor Splits
  14. Happy Dances
  15. Holiday Dances/Music
  16. Kids-Teens Dances
  17. Late Night Club Dances - under construction
  18. Night Club Two Steps (just a review of several nc2step dances)
  19. Older Dances People Want To Do Again
  20. Two Step Music Line Dances - under construction
  21. Waltz Music - under construction
  22. Websites/Links with Specific Lists- under construction
    • Armchair Line Dancing
    • Beginner Dances
    • Wheelchair Dancing
    • Children's Songs for Teaching/Dancing
    • Old Dances (i.e., the Stroll, Jerk, Twist, etc.)
    • Wedding Dances
    • Games and Activities for Dances
    • Patterned Partner
    • Song Lists with BPM Information