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UPDATED MAy 18, 2015

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UK, Bedfordshire
Venue name: Toein' The Line
phone: 07837864406
Email / Website
Level: All levels
UK, Bedfordshire
Stephen Gell
Email / Website
Level: All levels


UK, Berkshire, Newbury
Venue Address: 29, Sayers Close,
Newbury, Berkshire,
Rg14 7uu
Phone: 01635 841810
Ray Cadden
Classes - Beginners - Beginners
improvers - intermediates
UK, Berkshire, Newbury
Venue name: Spirit of the west linedancers
phone: 01635 841810
Ray Cadden
Price: £3.00 for beginners, £4.00 all eve
Level: All levels
Small friendly Venue teaching everything from from Absolute beginners to Intermediates
We hold a monthly social on the last Tuesday of the month. Classes every Tuesday from 8pm till 10.30pm. No couples dancing. Country music only.


UK, Bradford
Venue name: Indian Outlaws
Venue address: Cleckheaton
Graham & Kathy
Email / Website
Price: £4.00
Level: Int. & Adv.
Every Tuesday from 8.00pm
please note that we do not run a beginners class


UK, Bristol, North Somerset
Address: 13 Braikenridge Close,
Clevedon, Bs21 5la
Phone: 01275 791807
Name: Shelley Lindsay
Email / Website
Level: Beg, Imp, Int
(all ages)